A downloadable game for Windows

Harold is in space.  What sort of fuckery will he get up to this time?  Entry for the Harold Jam 2022.

This game is fairly open in terms of what you can do.  Do some stuff and see what happens.  There are 5 endings in total (I think) so try to get them all if you're bored enough!

Will add more description stuff later.


HaroldJam2022_HaroldInSpace.7z 220 MB

Install instructions

Download to computer, unzip files, then (try to) enjoy the game! :D


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A very interesting game.

I got endings 1 and 2 for the airlock and dark sword endings, which were very entertaining.

I liked the virtual RPG section.


Thanks for trying it and I’m glad you liked it. The RPG part seems to be most peoples’ favorite part, so maybe I’ll expand it. Maybe.