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GenreRole Playing


Aesica_LetsMakeAScene.7z 88 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run game.exe


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It's amazing how you managed to make this cutscene out of a battle scene. Impressive and well executed, with lots of good jokes. Great job!

Thanks! I mostly wanted to see if my battle plugin’s action sequence system could handle it, and I guess it did!

You did an incredible use of the content (animations, sprits, bg...). I liked the goofy Harold, it works for him. That adventure song, I had a huge doubt about using it or not, but I chose the Wind one. Great job, Aesica. 

Thanks for giving it a try! In my head canon, Harold is a bit clownish and doesn’t take things as seriously as he should, but is a good-hearted lad nevertheless. I had to reflect that in this. :D

Very nice animation.


Thanks :D


That was very different from the others I play! That cutscene on the battle scene was really nice. 

The animation of the battlers is so smooth! The narrative was balanced, with little jokes and all. 

Nice to play! Good luck on the contest ^^


Thanks, I figured I’d try something different and test out my action sequence system in the process. And it worked! (for the most part, anyway)


Damn. Those action sequences and animations are super SMOOTH! Also poor Therese, no one wants to be the odd one out XD 


Thanks for checking it out :D